Photographic Center in West Palm Beach, FL

Wellington Photo was honored to attend the the new Photographic Center in downtown West Palm Beach, FL for the opening of NBC News Anchor Ann Curry's exhibition titles 'Empathy' December 4, 2009.


"My Travels have convinced me that no human being is really foreign to another. We have so much in common, the truth is we are surrounded by our sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, each life is precious. It is time for us to stand up against the sufferring caused by genocide, war and ignorance. If we care enough about our human family, we can change the future." (Ann Curry)

Moving beyond words, Ann Curry's photos from Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Congo, China, Sudan, Chad and the death of her own father, open our eyes to a drastically different reality than what most of us know and live.

The Photographic Center officially opened the new Leica Store, December 4th, 2009. Please visit their website at to learn more about what the Photographic Center of West Palm Beach, Fl has to offer and for upcoming workshops & events.