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It's that time of year - to hang up the bridle, put away the boots and take a few days or a few weeks, to enjoy some of life's Other pleasures - the World around us!

Allow my unique experiences to schedule the trip that is right for you. Special trips to Greece can be privately planned with space being limited to 8 Adventurers (double occupancy).


Greece, what is Not to love about it. Thousands of years of culture and history with much of today owing gratitude to Greece's past - including our own democratic government.


Athens is home to the famous Parthenon towering over other well-known antiquities from pieces housed in museums such as the famous stone carved horse and the depiction of the contest between Athena and Poseidon - owing the city's name to the victor. From Neolithic times to Roman occupation, where Hadrian's Arch that was once the entrance to the ancient city to the prison where Socrates was supposedly held his 30 days prior to his execution, to the farthest tip - the Temple of Sounion (the temple of Poseidon) History abounds. One could easily spend a week enjoying Athens from its history to its current culture, the many choices of food, where culture seems to revolve around or the many choices of shopping from bargains in the mega outdoor flea-market to shopping of the most exquisite of tastes -

Just outside of Athens is the ancient city of Mycenae having the famous Lion's gate entrance. The Theatre of Epidavrus is the best preserved theatre with 'invoice documents' dating back to the 400 bc time frame. One can stand below in the center while another at the top of the steps can easily hear the person even at a whisper due to the fine acoustics. It was built within the sanctuary of Asclepius, the first Healer (supposedly taught by the Centaurs in defiance to Zeus), who had a healing institution as well as every healing plant growing within the facility. The museum contains instruments of healing used in ancient times and an astounding view on how little is new today.

'Know Thyself' - the famous words at one time written on the might pillar at Delphi - set amongst a mountain back-drop, the views of ancient Delphi are breath-taking especially in the spring when everything is in bloom. Don't forget to take a drink from the ancient fountain - supposed to be good for one's health.

Meteora - a religious paradise - even if one is not religious -the monasteries dating back to the early 15th century are still working monasteries and as of recent years have started allowing women tourists into the male monasteries (wearing a skirt is mandatory). Once inside cameras are forbidden and only the mind is allowed to capture the many beautiful wood carvings and gold paintings done by the many master painters like El Greco. The absolute peacefulness is overwhelming - not to mention the fact that all of the monasteries are perched thousands of feet atop giant stone monoliths! Very few places in the world have these geological formations and the amount of work it must have entailed -not to mention the urgency and need for building these monasteries is amazing - it is a highlight of central Greece not to be missed.

On the road back to Athens from Meteora, I had the opportunity to stop in Thermopylae where the famous statue of probably the greatest warrior in history - Spartan King Leonidas, stands to mark the spot where the ancient Battle of the 300 took place against the army of King Xerxes.

The roads from place to place offer many ancient and current spots to stop. The scenery changes constantly as does the geology. From the inland mountain ranges to the coast, the views are breath-taking and the mythological stories and factual history told by the guide tying into the scenery are an added treat one does not get by venturing alone.

Santorini - Greece has more than 200 inhabited islands all having their own unique topography, cultures and cuisine variances from cheeses, specialty dishes and wine. I was fortunate to visit Santorini 3 times during 3 different seasons and had the opportunity to see and experience everything from the unique wine-making process, swimming in crystal clear black pebbled beaches, visiting the famous red beach of Akrotiri where the legendary city of Atlantis supposedly existed but now a lighthouse resides, next to a volcanic rock looking like a dinosaur head - you be the judge. To the village of Pyrgos where mules and donkeys (on Santorini -they are registered like vehicles!) are still used as part of daily life and the old folks gather to talk about the day, below the ancient church of the Prophetias Elijah. Views of no other, the famous volcano (in the summer they host a fireworks display from the volcano in memory of its erruption - quite popular with locals) and of course Oia, where everyone insists is the best sunset - I like the windmills and suppose that gives a special charm - it is a quaint village quite different than some of the bigger more crowded villages. I perhaps found that Imerovigli had the best view -of the entire island while not missing the gorgeous view of the sunset. The cuisine is phenomenal and the wine with its many varieties unique and fantastic. There is even a wine sweet enough to go perfect with ice cream!  

Greece has something to offer for everyone. There are islands where one can rent a windmill and go kayaking through sea caves. The Beaches are some of the finest in the world varying from red, black and white sand and amazingly blue waters to contrast it all. From caving, hiking(some of the biggest gorges and some of the most varied wildlife exist in many regions), fishing, snorkeling, boating, shopping, museums, and well OK - Horses Too! After all -they were Masters at Horsemanship.

From the mainland to the islands, it would take a lifetime to view it all, but one does not have to wait a lifetime to experience the magic Greece has to offer.

Leaving Greece, one returns home feeling a better connection to our past - allowing us to appreciate our present all the better.

By Special request - Photography is available to capture your moments.

Wedding Photography  - Your Individual Trip:

Belize (Island or Mayan temple), Greece (Mainland or Islands), Spain (Alhambra in Granada or choice location), Puerto Rico

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