A Day at the

Palm Beach Zoo

A Year Later -2008 - I revisited, skipping the snow day to be held a few days later. As I had yet to get a good view of the Tiger and the Lemurs, I tried timing my visit towards the evening feeding and was well-rewarded.

The male Tiger approaches for his dinner, and believe me it was not very much... The Red-ruffed Lemurs patiently and gently without any fighting waiting for their food -their hands are enormous -probably more for  grabbing while leaping through the trees. The Tapir (mountain cow) gives a smile and the anteater showed how developed his front 'fingers' can grasp and squeeze at the smallest of orange bits - enabling him/her to drink it all through its built in 'straw' without waste.

A Hot summer July 2007 day and snow comes to the zoo!

Children at play in the fountains, while others wait on the 'Snow'

'Mardi' The All-White Alligator - a 'Special Exhibit'

Not an Albino - but a genetic mutation with blue eyes -only 10 in the world, all males that come from the Louisiana Bayou

Below - A Florida Alligator - He's HUGE 

The Mayan Exhibit -Complete with Statue replicas & Real Jaguars!


The Tapir is a 'Mountain cow' of Belize - and has a trunk similar to an Elephant - a threatened species -it is carefully protected.

All animals at the zoo got snow to eat or play with as they chose-

Various Monkeys at play and looking for food -

This zoo seems to keep  the animals at a more 'natural' state-allowing them to 'forage' for food.

Probably my favorite was the Birds of Prey Show - in which the 'Star' is a Eurasian African Eagle Owl

While viewing the Flamingos, I nearly stepped on my next 'Favorite' A rather Large Iguana -who seemed happy to have his photo taken.

Plenty of Various Types of Water Birds/Ducks

The fight for land is won with size - although the mother bird on the right is protecting her young barely visible to her right-

The Otters snooze - while the Bush Dog waits for a meal - notice the double set of claws on this doggy!

A Spoonbill above while below a non-resident 'Thief' - a White Ibis

Prairie Dogs Below - one on the look-out while the others relax

Not the 'Normal' Prairie Dog encounter

Below a Girl gets her face painted-

Last stop - The Aviary Birds - So many beautiful ones!

The Palm Beach Zoo has Many more animals - I could not Possibly showcase them all and some of them remained napping. This Zoo continues to improve and all staff are not only helpful to the visitors, but love the animals they care for, helping to enrich their lives. The zoo is an educational 'treat' for All ages! I sincerely hope that if YOU have not been lately, that you  visit soon - Not only will you have a wonderful time, but it is our visits, that continue to make the zoo a better place for the animals that reside here.